Human Resources

The City of Avalon has a diverse and skilled workforce of approximately 102 Full-time and Part-time or seasonal staff. City Staff is managed by 7 Department Heads -  Assistant City Manager, Community Services Supervisor, Fire Chief,  Finance Director, Harbor Master, Public Works Director, and Planning Director (Vacant) - who report to the City Manager.

While the Avalon Municipal Code identifies the City Manager as the Personnel Officer, the Human Resources Department assists the City Manager in development and implementation of personnel policies and procedures, staff recruitment, benefits and is the custodian of records for the department. 

  1. Employment Opportunities

For a listing of available employment opportunities, please visit the City of Avalon's Jobs module.

  1. Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)
  1. Salary Schedule
  1. Employee Personnel Policies
  1. Employee Job Descriptions
  1. Other Resources