Capital Improvement & Major Maintenance Projects

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget allocates existing funds, anticipated revenues and grants for CIP projects which supports design and construction of a wide range of infrastructure improvement projects.

The projects are grouped by the following categories: Facilities, Transportation, Parks, Streets, Salt Water, Sewer, Landfill, and Other/Misc.

Note that often projects have overlap in the categories, providing multiple benefits. However the project will be listed under the main category applicable.


To view the current City of Avalon budget, which includes project lists and account funds, visit the Finance Department's Budget page.

General Project Phases

  1. Conceptual Design (research, alternative analyses, criteria/constraint development, etc.)
  2. Detailed Design (drawings/specifications, 30%, 60%, 90%, Bid Set)
  3. Environmental and Permitting
  4. Public Meeting
  5. Advertise/Bid
  6. Construction
  7. Post-Construction

Project List

  • Project Number: 180049
  • Description: Maintenance repairs of the pier pilings
  • Current Phase: Construction 
  • Budget: $325,000
  • Includes Grant Funds: No
  • CIP Category: Facility
  • Start Date: Mid January 2023 (weather permitting)
  • Estimated Phase Completion: Mid February 2023 (weather permitting)
  • Estimated Project Completion: Several phases over next 5 years