Dye-Tabbing Policy 

Avalon Harbor Patrol boat towing a disabled vessel with the help of Avalon Baywatch.The waters of Avalon Harbor are known for being exceptionally clean and clear with an abundance of marine life. The City of Avalon has made it a priority to protect this vital resource for all to use. The Harbor Department enforces what is known as the "Discharge Ordinance", AMC 10-2.503. Every vessel equipped with a holding tank will be required to have a dye-tab placed in every marine head and test-flushed down into the system. Once the test-flush is complete and the officer leaves the vessel, it is the responsibility of the vessel operator to ensure that no dye leaks out of system into the waters of Avalon Harbor. To protect the water quality in Avalon Harbor, this ordinance is strictly enforced.

For more information on the "Discharge Ordinance", please click the link below.

Section 10‑2.503 Contaminating Waters & Beaches

Close-up view of the casino from the fairway in Avalon Harbor.