Mode Shift Feasibility Study

What is the Mode Shift Feasibility Study?

The City of Avalon Mode Shift Feasibility Study is an effort undertaken to guide the City in its transition to a more sustainable transportation future. Incorporating and building on the City’s previous planning efforts, this study documents the existing transportation infrastructure and patterns and identifies recommendations and action items to reduce the reliance on vehicles for travel within Avalon. This includes increasing the availability of non-vehicle transportation options, implementing strategies to discourage vehicle use, and identifying key issues for the City to track and plan for new technologies and options that may be emerging in the coming years.

The Mode Shift Feasibility Study considers factors including Avalon’s unique transportation patterns, geography, the differing mobility needs of residents and visitors, and the challenges in transitioning to new mobility options. A key challenge in meeting  Avalon’s transportation needs is addressing the peak local transportation demand that is linked to the timing of ferry arrivals and departures.

With a local economy heavily dependent on tourism, the future of transportation in Avalon must include options that are not only convenient and serve practical needs but offer attractive alternatives that support the City’s resort culture. Avalon is known for the widespread use of golf carts (known locally as “autoettes”) for local transportation. These golf carts offer a practical and convenient transportation option and are part of the City’s image as a resort community. One of the City’s challenges will be to incorporate new mobility options that can replace some of those vehicle trips and become part of Avalon’s new transportation vision.

Avalon Feasibility Study logo featuring bikes, wheelchair, pedestrians, and golf carts