Vehicle Citation Amnesty Program

Program Authority

On February 7, 2023, the City of Avalon City Council adopted a resolution establishing guidelines for a one-time amnesty program in the City of Avalon reducing fine amounts for individuals with $250 or more in outstanding Vehicle Code and City of Avalon Municipal Code infractions.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to provide relief to qualified individuals who have accumulated fines and penalties due to noncompliance with the Avalon Municipal Code and State of California Vehicle Code.

Encouraging settlement of existing, outstanding citations with the understanding that the individual will take steps to cure issues related to illegal vehicles – whether it is removal of the vehicle from the Island or complying with the State of California Vehicle Code and AMC so the vehicle may be appropriately registered – is the goal of the program.

Program Fee  

A $50 amnesty program fee is the total fee that may be added to a case to offset any administrative costs including costs associated with administering an installment plan or accounts receivable plan. Individuals who make one lump sum payment may have the program fee added to their outstanding balance.

Amnesty Period

The one-time amnesty program shall operate from February 8, 2023 to March 31, 2023.

Outstanding Citation Forgiveness

Per the guidelines established by the City Council, the City of Avalon will waive and accept full satisfaction of outstanding citations, for a sum equal to:

  • Elimination of all outstanding late penalties and/or interest and 50 percent reduction of the outstanding fines; or
  • Elimination of 100% of all outstanding fines and associated late penalties and/or interest IF the individual voluntarily signs over the title of the vehicle to the City of Avalon for its removal from the Island.

Payment Plans 

Depending on qualifications, an individual may choose to make installment payments under the amnesty payment plan. Any financial information provided by amnesty program participants shall remain confidential and used for the purposes of amnesty eligibility and participation only.

Participants that default on an amnesty payment plans will receive notification of default by mail. The participant will have 30 days to make a payment or request a change in payment fee. If the participant fails to contact the City within 30 days, the City may refer the remaining outstanding debt to the Franchise Tax Board for collection of the remaining balance, including but not limited to, the balance of all forgiven fines and costs.