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Avalon Transit is the City of Avalon's Public Transportation System, operated by Transportation Concepts


TDD 310-510-0086



The Garibaldi Community fixed route bus serving central Avalon from the Cabrillo Mole to Casino Way and  up-canyon to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden.

Avalon Transit is in the process of updating it's system to Google Transit and offering "real-time" information on the bus route via the "Swiftly" App. Anticipated launch of Google Transit and "Swiftly" is March, 2017. For more information contact Avalon Transit at 310-510-0081, or the City of Avalon  at 310-510-0220, ext. 118. 

Avalon Dial-A-Ride for Seniors 65+ and individuals with disabilities

Avalon Access complementary paratransit service for individuals who are unable to ride The Garibaldi due to disability.

Please click on the links below for applications and user guide.


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