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Catalina Recycles

The City of Avalon is committed to diverting waste from our landfill.

By reusing and recycling more, Avalon residents, visitors and businesses can have less trash and save space at the city landfill. But you have to recycle right! Separate you recyclable materials from the trash to help ensure they get recycled.

While you are downtown, enjoying Avalon Harbor and the beaches, or at one of our great parks, please be sure to recycle your beverage containers, such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles. Use the recycling side of the trash and recycling bins found around town. By putting your beverage container in the correct bin it helps ensure it is recycled.

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As part of the City's commitment to 'close the loop', buy recycled content products, we have adopted an Preferable Purchasing Practices and Policy: Environmental, Social and Economic Considerations to help guide purchasing practices.

Want to know more about how municipal solid waste is processed in Avalon, including other options to help recycle? Please visit

Additional resources on recycling, including recycling beverage containers in Avalon. Feel free to use, share and distribute!

Check out the longer version of the Recycling Public Service Announcement

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