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Note: the zones are a a general guideline for impacted area.
Schedule subject to change.

Emergency Repair Work
Salt Water and Fresh Water Shut Off
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 Zones/Streets Approximate Start  Expected End Notes 
Entire City
Friday 6/1/18 10:00 AM Friday 6/1/18 10:00 PM See Below

On May 31, 2018 at approximately 12 pm, a break in a sewer line located at the Pebbly Beach Lift Station occurred in the City of Avalon.  Emergency repairs were undertaken immediately. 

The repairs to the sewer line have been completed. The temporary bypass is working as expected, and is being monitored 24 hours a day until the next phase of repair occurs, which is anticipated this upcoming week.

Both salt water and fresh water systems have resumed normal service throughout Avalon.

Begining at 7:45 PM on 6/1 Fresh water and salt water services are being turned back on. 
It can take a few hours for the entire system to recharge and pressurize.

During this process to pressurize this system it is standard practice to bleed off air out of the lines by discharging some water from the lines. Water on the streets is not part of any spill and is not of concern.

Pebbly Beach Road is open to all vehicles.
Please be aware of the construction zone and drive appropriately.

All beaches have tested clean and are open for use. 
The Catalina Island Medical Center has provided a guide for anyone concerned with health affects due to exposure.

LA County Public Health will continue to monitor the ocean water quality per standard guidelines and requirements.
More information on the Beach Water Quality Advisories here.
General information about Avalon Harbor bay water quality ongoing testing can be found here.
Heal the Bay's Beach Report Card can be found here
The 2017 Beach Report Card report can be found here.

Environmental clean up of the landside area impacted is underway.

All Public Restrooms are open for normal service.

Schedule subject to change.

Salt Water Services Shut Off
Valve # Location Map
 Zones/Streets Approximate Start  Expected End Notes 
None at this time

Schedule subject to change.
View an example of the Salt Water Service Map

Road/Sidewalk Work Impacting Vehicle/Pedestrian Traffic
 Zones/Streets Approximate Start  Expected End Notes
 Five Corners Tuesday 6/19/18 Tuesday 6/19/18 Excavation work.
Some delay expected.
Crescent and Marilla Tuesday 6/19/18 Tuesday 6/19/18 Excavation work.
Some delay expected.
Crescent Wednesday 6/20/18 Thursday 6/21/18 Excavation work.
Some delay expected.

Southern California Edison is performing fresh water valve replacement work, and is updating the project schedule. This page will be updated as we receive new information.
Schedule subject to change.

Salt Water Service Zone Map
Salt Water Service Zone Map