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Improving Bay water quality

Over the past 24 months the city has been working on several front to improve bay water quality. These actions total almost $5,800,000 of investment in bay water quality.

Read about our previous efforts prior to 2010

2010 - 2012

Created and Adopted State mandated Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) which governs maintenance of sewer collection system and details required actions in event of a sewer spill.

  • Submitted a final report to State regarding most recent Clean Beaches Initiative grant.

Waste Water Collection System
  • Issued a Request For Proposal and selected RBF Inc of San Diego to complete a sewer improvement master plan - $48,355
  • Authorized RBF to CCTV (camera based video inspection) substantially the entire sewer collection system - $64,499
  • Awarded a contract to RBF to create a GIS system to map collection system, link to CCTV, monitor improvements and sub-contract to create 6” resolution aerial photography - $30,900 
  • Received a 798 page report from RBF on city-wide sewer assessment
  • Installing and training staff on GIS based sewer management system
  • Conducting a field study of manhole locations with GIS precision to +- 6”

And most importantly…

  • Awarded RBF a contract to design and manage all called for repairs in the assessment report, a contract of $4,600,000 

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • Issued a Request For Proposal and awarded a contract to Environ Strategies to take over management of the WWTP, collection system and the City’s Salt Water Distribution system
  • Repaired & renovated the clarifier at WWTP - $230,000
  • Amended the Sewer System Management Plan to incorporate more detailed spill response plans.
  • Installing computer based maintenance management system (CMMS) to track & document maintenance activities within collection system and at WWTP.
  • Awarded a contract to Environ Strategies to install improvements at the plant - $569,400