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Avalon Vision 2020

Adopted August 19, 2003 by City of Avalon Planning Commission City of Avalon City Council

AVALON: A healthy, small town island community- A quality cultural resort- A model ecological town

Avalon is distinguished from other small towns by the natural beauty of its island location and its historic ambiance. Residents are enthusiastic about their community, value their cultural diversity, and take care to preserve their rich history and local traditions. It is a friendly, close-knit community, whose members feel responsible to and for each other and work together to improve their quality of life.

The town is clean and safe. Residents have access to dignified, affordable housing, good school facilities, a variety of post high school educational opportunities, and abundant recreational, cultural,and social facilities and programs. The limited land is used wisely for the benefit of residents and visitors. Infrastructure is adequate and well maintained. Laws and codes, including aesthetic standards, are enforced. Drug and alcohol abuse are not tolerated. Excellent medical and public safety services are provided to residents and visitors. 

The community is un-crowded, and has the resident population and annual visitor density necessary for the generation of sufficient economic activity to fund community priorities and support its residents.Vehicle congestion and noise is limited. An affordable public transportation system reduces the reliance on personal vehicles.

As a resort, Avalon offers its visitors a unique, quiet, peaceful, high-quality vacation experience. The community continually strives for excellence in cleanliness, customer service and product quality. Recreational opportunities abound on water and land.

Avalon exemplifies environmental awareness and stewardship. The community strives to use technologies, products, and practices that are energy efficient, reduce pollution and waste, conserve water, and protect the environment of the island and the natural features and open spaces of the town. Avalon Bay is a national model for water quality. The community seeks to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels, both for the generation of electricity and in powering vehicles, with a comprehensive energy plan. 

Wise planning and creative solutions are the hallmarks of the community's efforts to realize its vision for its residents and visitors.

Features of Avalon 2020 

Population & Living Conditions

  • Population density is in balance with available resources
  • Land-use planning, zoning, & building code enforcement carry out goals of the vision 
  • Adequate, affordable, dignified housing without overcrowding
  • Adequate, properly functioning infrastructure
  • A harmonious bicultural community 

The Environment

  • Environmental awareness and stewardship
  • Excellent bay water quality at all times
  • Aesthetically pleasing, non-polluting, safe community
  • Minimal vehicle congestion and noise
  • As energy self-sufficient as technology allows

Education and Recreation

  • Adequate recreational facilities and high-quality programs
  • Adequate school facilities and excellent educational opportunities
  • Opportunities for adult education 

Business and Tourism

  • Efficient cross-channel transportation
  • Stable, healthy economic performance
  • Focus on high-quality visitor experience 


  • Excellent medical and veterinary services
  • No drug and alcohol abuse